Gary Slechta
Texas Medley :
For trombone/euphonium and harp.

Austin, Texas, United States
Publisher: Select-a-Press
Date of Publication: 2015

Solo part and harp score.

Primary Genre: Solo Tenor Trombone - with other instruments

Slechta has composed a lengthy and creative library of works for brass instruments well worth investigating. Commissioned by Eileen Meyer Russell as part of an ongoing collaboration with harpist Delaine Fedson, this solo with harp accompaniment is indicated to be performed on trombone, euphonium, or a combination of both. Using three tunes, The Yellow Rose of Texas, All My Ex’s Live in Texas, and Deep in the Heart of Texas, Slechta has cleverly connected these through a variety of styles. Beginning with a samba, glissandi are scored which seems to indicate a trombone preference. A cadenza leads to a “Relaxed country feel” with a vamp for possibly switching instruments. Other styles include “Legit fugue,” “Swing (a la Rich Matteson),” and “Lively”. Chord changes and a suggested solo are given during the swing section. Some style markings are indicated, however style will be an issue to ensure the performance doesn’t sound cheesy. Range ascends from F to c2 and there are two passages where triple tonguing might be required (tempo dependent). The harp part has its own challenges including melodic passages, “Knuckles on soundboard,” and the expected sweeping up and down glissandi. Typical of Slechta’s compositions, the paper quality and layout are superb. Performing with harp continues to gain momentum and this selection will surely add flavor and contrast to a traditional concert.

Reviewer: David Stern
Review Published June 11, 2023