Larry Clark
Six Steps to Success :

New York, New York, United States
Publisher: Carl Fischer
Date of Publication: 2016

Etude book. 47 pages.

Primary Genre: Study Material - method
Secondary Genre: Study Material - etude

The following is a description of the contents offered by the publisher:
With Six Steps to Success, Carl Fischer Music turns its pedagogical attention to the often overlooked, intermediate student. …this (book) presents forty instrument-specific etudes that address technique development in warm-ups, legato, articulation, rhythm, scales, and compound meter. For use with a private teacher, or in individual practice, these books offer the perfect transition material for students looking to progress beyond beginning instructional books and build skills to make more advanced repertoire attainable. Band directors may also find these books useful for honor band audition material.

The etudes range in keys from five flats to two sharps. No minor keys are included and  Etudes No.22 and 23 are mislabeled in the key of D when they are actually in the key of C. Larry Clark, who serves as Editor-in-Chief and coordinates Carl Fischer’s publishing in all genres of music, composed more than half of these etudes. He was a middle school and later university band director and holds a master’s degree in composition. He has written a large variety of music ranging in technical performance level from beginners to college ensembles. Duvernoy, Arban, Gariboldi, Panofka, Concone, Gatti, Klose, Demersseman, Hanon and Clementi composed the remainder of the etudes. They are all in a traditional 18th/19th century classical style. This is a one size fits all publication with editions for flute, clarinet, saxophone and tuba. While not trombone specific, within their traditional context, they are good material for the intermediate trombonist. The etudes are short and the technical, range and rhythmic requirements are appropriate for that age group. Some are quite musical with good dynamic contrasts, a variety of articulations and excellent performance instructions.

Reviewer: Karl Hinterbichler
Review Published June 15, 2023