David F. Wilborn
trombone with f-attachment and piano

Orlando, Florida, United States
Publisher: Wehr's Music House
Date of Publication: 2015

Primary Genre: Solo Tenor Trombone - with piano

David Wilborn is Associate Professor of Music at Texas A&M University in College Station, where he teaches the low brass studio, coordinates small ensembles, and serves as Director of the University Campus Band. He holds a Master of Music degree from the Eastman School of Music, and the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Texas. Wilborn is the author of numerous articles dealing with music education and trombone pedagogy and has served as a clinician, presenter and performer at numerous educational venues throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Europe. A number of his compositions for trombone have been published, including the following:

Eight Southern Jazz Duets for tenor and bass trombone, (Warwick)                               Thirty Progressive Studies for Bass Trombone (Kagarice)                                            Excursions for Trombone Sextet (ITA Press)                                                                Fantasy on a Anglican Hymn for Trombone Octet (Warwick)

The publisher offered the following description of the Concertino:

Those who know and enjoy Dr. Wilborn’s music will appreciate this, his foray into recital literature for trombone and piano. Written with his typical dash for lyricism and harmonic/rhythmic drive this is something to include in recitals by professionals as well as aspiring professionals on the collegiate level.

The Concertino is in one movement with three distinct sections. The first, Allegro molto con spirit, opens with a rhythmic cell in the trombone part that recurs at various points conferring unity. The middle part is slower, modulates and features running eighth note arpeggios in the piano part, while the trombonist plays espressivo lyrical lines. There is a brief cadenza and return of the opening tempo with slightly altered melodic material, culminating in a rousing conclusion. The formal, harmonic, rhythmic and melodic elements are all conservative. From a technical standpoint the trombone part is playable by a good undergraduate, even by a very good high school performer with a solid low register. Concertino can work well on bass trombone, fitting perfectly into its range.


Reviewer: Karl Hinterbichler
Review Published June 15, 2023