Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Adagio from Clarinet Concerto K. 622:

Arranged by Sonny Ausman

four trombones

Vancouver, BC, , Canada
Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 2016


This arrangement is based on the first 32 measures of the Adagio movement of Mozart’s clarinet concerto. The arranger has indicated four alternating eight bar solo and tutti sections. The first 16 measures are then repeated, and the movement’s three concluding measures act as a brief coda. These last 19 measures are tutti. The original scoring was for up to 12 parts. Essential elements of melody and harmony are preserved in this arrangement, which is suitable for a student group of mixed abilities. First part will have to be played really beautifully. Ranges are: first part b-flat-c2, second B-flat-g1, third part B-flat-c1, and fourth part E-flat-e-flat. Mr. Ausman has been a member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic trombone section since 1971.


Reviewer: Keith Davies Jones
Review Published January 31, 2019