Anton Bruckner
Motet: Tantum ergo

Arranged by Ralph Sauer

3 tenors, 1 bass trombone

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 2019

Score and parts


This is one of Bruckner’s earliest works, comprised of just 36 measures and composed most likely at Kronsdorf in 1845 when he was 22 years old. It is the first of eight settings of this text that he would write over the next 50 years, and was originally cast in five parts. In the style of Schubert, it is well suited to the trombone ensemble. Four of Bruckner’s later motets have independent trombone parts; one other has an indication for optional colla parte trombones.

This arrangement for three tenor trombones and one bass trombone is made in the original key of D major. 1st part is quite demanding and tops out at d²; 2nd and 3rd go up to f-sharp¹ and c-sharp¹ respectively. Bass trombone goes down to D. 1st and 2nd parts are given in tenor clef, 3rd in bass. The obvious vocal qualities of this piece indicate that nothing more is required than to play beautifully.

Reviewer: Keith Davies Jones
Review Published June 14, 2019