William Pagán-Pérez
Sharellee: Concert Piece
Trombone and piano

Buffalo, New York, United States
Publisher: W.P.P.
Date of Publication: 2016

Score and solo part

Primary Genre: Solo Tenor Trombone - with piano

William Pagán-Pérez is a Puerto Rican composer and educator who has focused his energies on developing intermediate level repertoire that emphasizes the character of traditional folk music from Puerto Rican, Afro Caribbean, and Hispanic American music. Dedicated to his wife, Sharellee explores simple melodic lines in this Hispanic folk style. For example, the second theme group uses a basic clave rhythm as its core rhythmic motive. Underneath this is a simple accompaniment in an uncomplicated harmonic and rhythmic style with a pop flavor similar to what one might hear in contemporary Broadway musicals. The piece is cast in sonata form, and perhaps the most attractive part of the piece is in the development, in which the piano and the soloist interact with complimentary melodic lines. Sharellee is Grade 3-4, quite playable by high school and early college level students. There are only a few short technical passages in the middle of the piece that demand excellent, flexible slurring and articulation. Beyond that the biggest challenge involves stamina: eight minutes of fairly continuous, sustained playing with  frequent trips to high b-flat¹ and c². I must admit, when I first looked at this music I was rather unimpressed but after playing and listening I found it quite charming and beautiful! It is great to see a composer committed to writing enjoyable high school level literature that reflects the music that is close to their cultural heart.

Reviewer: Timothy Howe
Review Published June 20, 2023