William Pagán-Pérez
Bass trombone and piano

Buffalo, NY, United States
Publisher: W.P.P.
Date of Publication: 2016

Score and solo part

Primary Genre: Solo Bass/Contrabass Trombone - with piano

A native Puerto Rican, Pagán-Pérez has taught in a variety of situations with students of all ability levels. He has performed in many different ensemble settings and composed for numerous instrumentations and solo settings. His biography and catalog can be found on his website:

Sonatina is comprised of four dance movements:

I. Cantabile con Rumba
II. Cantabile alla Danzón – Cha Cha Mood
III. Cantabile con Bachata
IV. Cantabile Ripiao

To be expected, Latin rhythms and harmonies are the foundation of each movement and a capable pianist is required. Only the second movement contains tempo changes. Since William is a performing bass trombonist, his expertise informs this music, which appropriately fits the technical ability of the instrument with range (optional EE-flat) FF to a, appropriate glissandi, and slide motions. Ensemble will require carefully paced rehearsal, and across-the-bar ties and hemiola will present their own challenges. At times, articulation markings are sparse, therefore familiarizing yourself with the appropriate dance will be helpful. Key signatures are trombone friendly and the music is clear and easy to read. There are not a lot of rests, so endurance could be an issue.

This music is enjoyable to play and listen to. One could easily incorporate one or more dancers and/or percussionists in performance and each movement can stand alone. Recording samples can be found on his website and YouTube. Perhaps owing to his school teaching background, this music is tuneful, energetic, and accessible by a solid high school level player – highly recommended.

Reviewer: David Stern
Review Published June 20, 2023