Amy Dunker
Meditations for Musicians:

Dubuque, IA, United States
Publisher: Batuta Press
Date of Publication: 2019
Language: English. Also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Czech

Text. 167 pages. Electronic copy provided.

Primary Genre: Study Material - book

The author shares in the preface:

     “The musical life is a life in pursuit of perfection. Unfortunately, perfection is elusive; and yet, we continue because that is our nature. While this never-ending pursuit creates great works of art and unforgettable musical moments for both musician and audience, it can come at a high price both physically and emotionally.
     The following meditations reflect the knowledge gained in a lengthy career as a performer, composer and teacher. The meditations are short. There are no lengthy explanations. They are meant for the reader to spend time contemplating what the meaning is for them personally and musically. Select one or two and spend a day, a week, a month reflecting on them.”

There are 151 quotes which range from two words to several. The first one, perhaps the most poignant, simply states, “Love > Fear”. While many are musically motivated, some are more life-based, such as the previous reference. These do not appear to be in any particular order, and they are of sufficient difference that an appropriate quote for most any life situation can be found to offer solace, encouragement, or inspiration. Of course, number 151 is succinct, “Go Practice.” This is a terrific resource for the applied teacher who posts inspirational messages on their office door or in the studio. 

Amy Dunker is a Professor of Music at Clarke University where she teaches music theory, aural skills, composition and trumpet. She also directs the new music and free improvisation ensembles. Amy has a DMA in Composition from the University of Missouri‐Kansas City Conservatory of Music, MM in Composition from Butler University, MM in Trumpet Performance from the University of South Dakota and a BME in Music Education from Morningside College.

Reviewer: David Stern
Review Published June 28, 2023