Clinton F. Nieweg
Music for Bass Trombone: Compositions for Solo Bass Trombone with Orchestra or Band

Vancouver, BC, , Canada
Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 2010 / 2017

Revised and enlarged. 285 pages

Primary Genre: Study Material - book

This is an essential reference for every trombone teacher. Originally written in 2010, this second edition is revised and enlarged and includes prices current as of 2017. The professional trombonists consulted in the preparation of this resource are well-regarded in the business.


In Doug Yeo’s forward he shares, “Clinton F. Nieweg has assembled an astonishing, annotated catalog of over 600 works for bass trombone by 400 composers, with an ensemble accompaniment. Here you will find solo works for bass trombone with orchestra, wind band, brass band, or jazz band, as well as music for three trombones with orchestra or band. A mere list of these works would have been a major accomplishment, yet Nieweg has given us so much more. Detailed instrumentation, publisher information, reviews, program notes, recordings, YouTube links, and that small fact needed for concert programs that often leaves players scratching their heads – the dates of a composer’s birth and death – are all included. No important detail is lacking. The book is, simply put, exhaustive in its scope.”


Included in the index are a comprehensive bibliography (a fantastic resource for present and future scholars), publishers and their contact information, and a sorted listing by accompaniment instrumentation. It would be helpful to have another index that sorts the solos by grade level.


If you need to find a solo for either yourself, your bass trombone student, or ensemble director, this reference alleviates the need for time-consuming and ineffective Internet searching.

Reviewer: David Stern
Review Published June 13, 2023