Winds of Change: 12 Progressive Solos for Trombone and Piano

Arranged by Dr. Carrie Blosser & Ashley Killam

Trombone and piano

No place, , United States
Publisher: Diversify the Stand Inc.
Date of Publication: 2022

Score and solo parts.

Primary Genre:

Diversify the Stand is a Colorado-based non-profit organization dedicated to working with diverse musical voices to create accessible educational music. They are committed to commissioning works and expanding the repertoire in solo, chamber, and large ensembles for voice, strings, and winds. Twelve new works by a variety of composers are featured in their first published solo book entitled, Winds of Change.

Their statement of purpose includes: We provide accessible educational music by composers marginalized by race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and orientation through commissioning new works. In addition to the artistically interesting and enjoyable solos, one of the most important aspects of the project is the community, accessibility, momentum, and actions it has created... This highlights the importance of community and inclusivity in the arts and that working together and taking positive action can result in the realization of projects and a book such as this. Commissioned for this project, each composer gives the performer an opportunity to explore their musical voice in this progressive solo collection. This book provides accessible educational pieces by living composers for players of all skill levels. These works are appropriate for players in their first few years of study and moves progressively for more advanced players.

Each of the twelve solos brings something new and unique to your music stand. We challenge students, performers, and educators to diversify their stands and expand the ‘classical repertoire’. Perfect for any trombone soloist, these works are ideal for performance in any setting to include school solo & ensembles, contests, competitions, recitals, and more!

Originally written for trumpet, these solos have been reworked by all the composers, with input by performers, to make them idiomatic for the trombone. More books are in the works for other brass and woodwind instruments. Recordings of each solo are on YouTube. The music includes a brief resume and photo of each composer as well as short program notes on the various works. The musical styles are quite diverse, from traditional melodic, rhythmic, and tonal practices to the more improvisatory, experimental, and new notation but totally accessible language of Angela Elizabeth Slater’s Noctilucent. The collection includes:

Beginner Leopard’s Pursuit, Marcus Grant A Castle in the Air, HyeKyung Lee Intermediate Fancy Free, Karen Amrhein Evolving Landscapes, Alonso Malik Pirio A Crash, A Quill, Gala Flagello Awakening, Rylee Short Aiguille, Lara Poe Advanced Song for the Lost, Gina Gillie Summon Light, Devin Clara Fanslow Golden Trees, Yukiko Nishimura Largo et Andante et Allegro et Presto et cetera, Zoe Cutler Noctilucent, Angela Elizabeth Slater

Reviewer: Karl Hinterbichler
Review Published October 12, 2022