Antonín Dvořák
Movement two: Adagio : from Symphony No.8, Op.88

Arranged by Chris M. Sharpe

Eight trombones and timpani

, United States
Publisher: C. Sharpe Editions
Date of Publication: 2017

Score and parts


This arrangement is for six tenor trombones, two bass trombones and timpani in G and C. It is in the original key, E-flat major to m44 then C major to conclusion. Parts for trombones 1 and 2, and for 3 mm57-63, are given in tenor clef, otherwise in bass.


The first part of the movement is dominated by the interval of a falling fourth, almost certainly representing a bird-call from the Bohemian countryside. The tranquillity is interrupted by a brief thunderstorm, mm 47-80, then the birdsong is heard again through to the final measures.


The arranger has done a great job with this piece, which he has adapted well to the trombone choir. All players have interesting parts and the overall balance and texture look fine. Think now of the falling fourth as the call of the moose, and this arrangement is really at home in North America. Range extends d-c2 for first part, and FF-a-flat for bass 2. The timpani are well scored for the thunderstorm, otherwise used sparingly. Production of the score is generally good, but in all parts beaming of 32nd notes is solidified. There is sufficient spare space on all pages to have expanded the systems and avoided this.


Chris Sharpe is a bass trombonist and is currently completing a DMA in Trombone Performance at the University of North Texas. He writes: “I’ve always loved this movement, which made it all the more infuriating that the trombones didn’t get to join in on the fun. With this arrangement, I hope you enjoy finally getting to experience trombones as a part of this work!

Reviewer: Keith Davies Jones
Review Published December 29, 2018