Studio Membership

The Trombone Studio Membership is available to members/students of any University, College, High School or Private Teacher’s trombone studio! An active ITA membership of the studio teacher(s)/professor(s) will serve as a principal membership, allowing the registration of the studio members for an ITA membership at a heavily reduced rate of $20 per member. In order to register students:

  1. Ensure a principal ITA membership (any paid membership category will do!) of the teacher/professor is active and you know the ITA username for the membership.
  2. Fill out the details of the teacher/professor, and names, addresses and emails of all students of the studio using this form.
  3. Add up the number of studio students, multiply by US$20 and submit payment for the full amount at:  Please fill in Studio Membership in the “What is the Payment For?” field.
  4. After the form and payment has been submitted in  full, memberships will be activated within 10 days. Please do note that only complete forms and payments will be processed.