What I’m Watching: Natalie Mannix

Natalie Mannix – Assistant Professor of Trombone at the University of North Texas

15 Minute Meditation for Developing a Positive Internal Dialogue

Musicians are really good at critical and analytical thinking while playing. It is what we do when we practice to get better. When it comes time to perform, it is often hard to turn this off and focus on the music. A lot of us also battle with negative self-talk that can be harmful for self-esteem and overall success on the trombone. I do a lot of work on the mental performance state. Mindful meditation can really help with relaxation and a quiet mind that can help with nerves and performing.


Dorothy Gates’s Servant of Peace for Trombone and Piano

Thomas Hulten, trombone, premiered this piece with the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra. I studied this recording a lot while preparing for the premier of the wind band version for the American Trombone Workshop in March. Fantastic playing and wonderful piece to add to the repertoire!


Fanfare for an Angel at Cancer Blows – Meet the Principals Night

Amazing trumpet playing! This features four of the best trumpet players in America at Ryan Anthony’s Cancer Blows Fundraising Event.  I immediately ordered the trombone quartet version of this fanfare by Jim Stephenson.


Jim Markey Discusses Legato (part 1 of 2)

This is one of the videos I have my doctoral trombone pedagogy course watch on legato technique. Jim plays such beautiful legato phrases. This is a good insight into how he approaches it.


Effortless Deep Breathing

I use Alexander Technique every day in my trombone playing and to reduce overall back/shoulder pain and tension. It has been so important in my performing technique and overall body health. There are so many Alexander Technique videos on YouTube that I had a hard time picking one. I highly advise working one-on-one with a certified instructor. There are a lot of myths to dispel in proper breathing for wind players. This video is a good start.