Christian Jones Creates Excerpt Video Resource

Christian Jones, bass and contrabass trombone, Opera North, UK and bass and contrabass trombone tutor, Royal Northern College of Music, UK, has recently completed his orchestral/opera excerpt series for bass trombone.

The instructional videos include 63 excerpts on both the undergraduate and postgraduate syllabi of the Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, UK), plus a further 17 (e.g. Pines of Rome)

His goal was to create a study aid for his students in Manchester by offering a demonstration of each excerpt based on his position of having performed the lesser-known orchestral works in a radio orchestra (BBCNOW, Cardiff UK 2001-2002), the big symphonies in a globetrotting London orchestra (Philharmonia Orchestra, 2002-2012) and the operas in his current position at Opera North (Leeds, UK).

The link to the videos can be found here.