Celebrate 50 with a Fanfare!

Image of poster for ITA Fanfare Competition
Download the poster here!

Announcing the ITA 50th Anniversary Trombone Fanfare Composition Competition! This competition allows everyone to showcase their trombone writing skills in a unique way.

You are invited to write a 50-second-long trombone fanfare in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the International Trombone Association.

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2023 ITA Solo & Ensemble Competitions: registration open

Applications for the 2023 ITA Solo and Ensemble Competitions are now accepted through December 8, 2022. Applications should be submitted at: https://app.getacceptd.com/ita.

For full submission instructions, rules and information, please visit the competitions pages.

The 2023 competition finals will be held during the International Trombone Festival, July 12-15, 2023 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, USA. We hope to see you there!

October ITA Journal

The October 2022 issue of the ITA Journal is now available online in the members-only section. Print copies will mail on October 10 and will reach members with print memberships soon after. Featured in the October issue are, among others:

ITA: Celebrating 50 Years (1972–2022)
by Dr. Irvin L. Wagner

100% Pure Sound—An Interview With ITA Award Recipient Michael Mulcahy
by Greg Strohman

Lillian Briggs, The Trombone-Playing “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll”
by Douglas Yeo

International Trombone Festival 2022—Another Year, Another Huge Success
by Dr. Taylor Hughey

2022 International Trombone Festival Youth Workshop
by Chris Van Hof

ITA 2022 Solo and Ensemble Competitions: Final Round Results
by Donny Pinson

“Trombone Tillie,” a Story About a Girl and Her Trombone
by Douglas Yeo

2022 ITA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Betty Glover
by Jared Gilbert

General News,The President’s Column, Orchestral Sectional, Wellness Note, Perspectives on Longevity, Philosophies, Practices, and Pedagogies of Performing Professionals, Pedagogy Corner, Audio/Video/Literature Reviews and much more.

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ITA Awards 2022

The ITA Awards Committee is pleased to present Carol Jarvis with the 2022 ITA Award. The ITA Award is presented to one individual every year who has greatly influenced the field of trombone in performance, composition, arranging, teaching, conducting, research, and/or service.

The Awards Committee is also pleased to present the 2022 Neil Humfeld Award to Jonas Bylund. The Neil Humfeld award recognizes one teacher each year who has demonstrated an exceptional level of excellence in their work.

Please read more about these outstanding artists and their achievements.

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ITA Membership Assistance Program

To run alongside the recently announced Membership Gift Certificate, ITA would like to take this opportunity to add the new developed Membership Assistance Program (MAP).

The ITA Executive Board would like to thank Per Brevig, much respected former Metropolitan Opera Principal and holder of three ITA Awards for his suggestion and hope that this addition will enable members and supporters to assist less advantaged trombonists all over the globe to benefit from being part of this organization.

The MAP allows you to sponsor a fellow trombone player with an ITA membership. Your generosity will allow deserving trombone players with limited means to enjoy the benefits of an ITA membership.

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The Diversity Composer Database

ITA’s Advisory Council on Diversity, professor Natalie Mannix and professor Brett Shuster have been working diligently to update the repertoire section of the ITA website. The Diversity Composer Database showcases underrepresented composers and their compositions, focusing specifically on the work of women, transgender or gender non-conforming individuals, and/or Asian, Black, indigenous, or Latinx. Many thanks to Natalie, Brett and the Council! Read more

New online Literature Reviews archive

After offering print reviews of new material for more than forty years in the International Trombone Association Journal, we are excited to expand to the world wide web via the ITA website www.trombone.net. Expanding to the internet offers advantages and solves growing problems as media capability and expectations of readers grow and change.

The volume of literature we handle has outgrown our ability to publish reviews in a timely fashion in the quarterly print journal. Our online column enables us to publish reviews within about three months of receipt. This is a great advancement that brings quality evaluation of new material much closer to its release date.

Our online column is searchable by everyone, not just ITA members, introducing our instrument and its repertoire to everyone from researchers to surfers.

Limits of space are always a concern in the print column. Not so online where reviewers express their evaluations and opinions free of word counts and other space saving limitations.

The archives can be found under the Journal tab in the navigation menu.



Houlding it Together

We are very proud to present Houlding it Together, a brand new and previously unpublished duet album by Chris Houlding, as the latest addition to ITA’s growing music streaming archive!

The impressive list of contributing artists includes, among others, Joseph Alessi, Ben van Dijk, Don Lucas, Niels-Ole Bo Johansen, Brett Baker, Ansgar Striepens, Carol Jarvis & Jiggs Whigham.

“The inspiration for this album came from so many memorable collaborations with colleagues, all of whom demonstrate superlative qualities as teachers, performers but above all friends. Recorded at various locations around the globe over the last ten years I hope you enjoy the breadth of diversity and style represented here.”

Full information about the album.