Jack Wilds To Write New Brass Quintet with Solo Trombone

A consortium has been organized to commission Jack Wilds to write a new work for brass quintet. Trombonists will recognize Wild’s writing from his popular pieces for trombone choir “Leviathan” and a “Fanfare” premiered at the recent International Trombone Festival.

The new piece will be 6-10 minutes in length and feature the trombone as soloist.

Co-Commissioners will get their name and affiliations listed in the final score and will have exclusive performance rights for a full year after the piece has been written. There are student and professional rates, allowing multiple ways to be involved with the consortium.

The consortium is open for enrollment from August 9, 2021 until October 11, 2021. For more information and to join the consortium visit https://www.jettwalkertrombone.com/commission-consortium.