National Autonomous University of Mexico Trombone Ensemble Celebrates 10 Years

The Trombone Ensemble of the Facultad de Música UNAM was founded in 2012 by Marcia Medrano, with the support of Professors Iain H. Hunter, Principal Trombone of the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra, Herlindo Ojeda, Mexico City freelancer, and Mauricio Fortuna, Assistant Ensemble Manager. The ensemble is made up of students ranging in age from the high school to undergraduate college division.

The ensemble often performs at university events and hosts an annual concert with invited student and professional ensembles. These events help strengthen ties between the musical community and the Mexican Trombonists’ Guild. In 2019, it hosted the First University Trombone Biennial, featuring U.S. trombonists, George Curran and Nathan Zgonc. Its constant activity, inter-institutional collaboration, and frequent commissioning of repertoire has brought the group to national prominence.

During the pandemic, the ensemble’s members continued to be active through online sessions and remote video making. For more information and videos, visit the Facultad de Música UNAM’s Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as the FaM Trombone Ensemble’s Facebook page.

A specially curated YouTube playlist of some of their videos is available here.